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  • Beat


    What happens is a quarterly evening meeting where there is a backing band, providing an opportunity for singers and instrumentalists to perform with them in the Heart.

  • Costume Room

    Costume Room

    The school holds a stock of valuable costumes which need to be organised, stored, issued, repaired, cleaned and supplemented.

  • Debating GÇï


    Are you tired of your mundane and uninteresting conversations in the classroom and on the field at break?

  • Drama Club

    Dramatics Club

    This is a new club for Juniors aimed at helping you to grow the skills needed for public speaking and dramatic performance.

  • Events Team

    Events Team

    For those of you who would like to learn more about the finer details of entertaining – this is your opportunity!

  • Fan People Society

    Fan People Society

    a fan, boy or girl, especially who is obsessive about comics, film, music, or science fiction, games and gaming
    people who love something so much that all the details matter.

  • Finance Club

    Finance Club

    The Finance Committee plays an integral part in the fundraising of Alex. It is made up of Grade 11 and 12 pupils.

  • First Aid Society

    First Aid

    The First Aid Society serves the school by being present at all sports matches and other functions or outings where there may be a need for First Aid.

  • Interact


    The aim of Interact is to help, serve and care for the community. We are involved in many fundraising activities for those who are less privileged than we are.

  • Lego League

    Computer club and microbit coders

    This is a fabulous International Robotics Competition running in hundreds of countries around the world from August to November.

  • Popcorn Club

    Popcorn Club

    We will meet twice a month to watch movies together, old and new, classic and cult, comedy and drama; compare originals and remakes of the same movie.

  • Photography And Video Club

    Shutter Speed

    Learn the basics together and help photograph school events, amongst other things.

  • President's Award

    President's Award

    This programme is an international award programme for young people founded by the Duke of Edinburgh. The South African patron is Mr Nelson Mandela.

  • Production Crew

    Production Crew

    The Production Crew at Alex is a society that takes care of the technical elements of theatre, such as sound, lighting and backstage work.

  • Quiz


    The aim of the Quiz Group is to foster an appreciation of general knowledge and an awareness of current affairs

  • Tenrec Hiking And Adventure Club

    Tenrec (Hiking and Adventure Club)

    Tenrec aims to encourage all Alexans to appreciate the environment by getting involved in outdoor activities like hikes, camps and adventure trails.

  • Toastmasters (1)


    Toastmasters is an internationally recognized course in the art of communication and leadership.

  • Young Animal People (Yap)

    Young Animal People (YAP)

    Young Animal People aim to make the pupils of Alex more aware of the problems and difficulties that face animals and animal organizations in Port Elizabeth and in South Africa.

  • Alex Press

    Alex Press

    The aim of Alex Press is to provide a newsworthy publication each term containing interesting and enjoyable writing. It is also a platform for Alex pupils to voice their opinions.

  • Chess Club

    Chess Club

    Alex has an active Chess Club of approximately 25 Club players.

  • Dance Sport

    Dance Sport

    Dance Sport is a fun and exciting club for anyone interested in Ballroom and Latin American dancing or for anyone who would like to meet and socialize with Alexans from all grades.

  • Maths Relay

    Maths Relay/Fair

    Maths Relay is a team event which takes place 6 times a year and also includes an Inter-schools’ Maths Fair and Prize giving at the end of the year.

  • The Voice

    The Voice

    The aim of The Voice is to be a Christ-like ‘voice’ and example at school.

  • Afrikaans

    Afrikaans Club

    Annibrand is the Afrikaans Society that does valuable work in the community to helps others by improving their skills in academics, sports and culture.

  • Al Ihsaan


    Ukubuyela eMbo is a Xhosa phrase meaning to go back to our native roots, calling our learners back to their customs, traditions and cultural activities. This is about taking and expressing pride in who we are, promoting Ubuntu (an abstract noun meaning humanity).

  • Debating GÇï

    French Club

    The French Club offer a variety of activities throughout the year. From conversational French where they discuss customs, foods and places of cultural and historical interest in France to organising and hosting of groups of French pupils. The visiting French pupils come from two schools: St Marie and Petit Val, both on the outskirts of Paris but at opposite ends. They also do a two-week French Exchange with these schools.

  • Tourism

    Board Riders

    If you have a board – land or sea – then join Mr Nell on a Friday afternoon to ride it. We visit spots all around the bay: at Kings beach skaters can visit the skate park while some hit the water or, in Sardinia bay, the surfers can hit the waves, while skaters bomb some hills in the surrounding areas.

  • History


    Run by a small group of avid readers, the library offers a place to relax, read and learn. Whether it’s fiction, non-fiction, an e-book or an audio book that you are looking for, the library has all of that available.

  • Visual Arts

    Paper Reclamation

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  • Toastmasters (1)

    Peer Promoters

    Peer promoters help make the blood donation drives work smoothly and encourage their peers to donate blood. On the day of donation, they are responsible for setting up the venue with the SANBS crew. They attend a training session with SANBS so that on the day of the blood drive, they can answer any questions that donators may have.

  • Photography And Video Club

    Video Club

    Explore the possibility of making videos at school. We want participants who are able to use their own equipment. We are keen to make instructional science videos and to shoot practical demos that could assist learners. These may be made available on the internet. Learners would assist in planning, filming and editing the demonstration videos.