We Are Alex

Principal's Message:

I welcome this opportunity to introduce you to the digital home of Alexander Road High School. We are very proud of our school and hope you will come to share in the happiness, love and family unity our school offers.

This website provides a brief insight into our ethos.

I trust that our modernised curriculum, variety of sports and cultural offerings, progressive academic programme, individualised support structures and firm but dignified disciplinary code will meet all your expectations.

We welcome your inquiries and are happy to provide more information on request. Please enjoy your visit.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Matthew Ridgway


Our Heritage

Our school was born on 24 January 1955 in pre-fabricated buildings on the grounds of Andrew Rabie High School. There were 155 pupils, the principal Mr Winston Cordingley, and 5 teachers. Three additional classrooms for 'standard sixes' were later opened on Seventh Avenue, Newton Park. In 1956 we moved to our present home.

Over the years, additions and alterations have been carried out to cater for the ever-increasing drive to provide quality education at Alex. These additions include: our restaurant complex, solar heated swimming and waterpolo pool, the music block, auditorium, arts centre, drama centre and state of the art computer laboratories.

Our Vision

We strive to be a happy, stable, caring school where we create a sense of belonging in all our members. We hope to maintain a progressive, pro-active approach to our responsibility of building a nation and providing an excellent standard of education. We will continue to integrate academic, cultural and sporting endeavours; spiritual, emotional and moral development, and social awareness. We recognise Alex's role as a leader in the community, both immediate and further afield.

"We are committed to maintaining a warm, family identity"

Our History4

Our Badge

Our badge endorses our commitment to developing the body, mind and spirit of each and every Alexan. Nil Sine Labore translates as 'nothing worthwhile is achieved without effort'. 

This valuable lesson is one which we strive to inculcate in all students so that it remains with them long after they have left school. Our desire to provide an ALtogether EXperience describes the focus of our endeavours.

Orientation of New Students

We make every effort to make new members feel at home as soon as possible. A comprehensive orientation programme, devised by the school counsellors and run by the student leaders, ensures that all grade 8 students soon learn to find their way around the school. New students in other grades are also accommodated and they meet with their grade heads and the senior staff. 

All new students are matched with a student leader mentor. We have full time school counsellors who are responsible for the development and implementation of the guidance programme and individual or group counselling. Confidential counselling is available to students and parents.

Front View

In Conclusion

Our highly committed and professional teachers encourage all students to acquire knowledge, concepts, skills and attitudes which will prepare them to lead satisfying adult lives.

We want our students to be happy and enjoy a sense of pride in their appreciation of human achievements and cultures. We encourage a spirit of enquiry and rational argument. Hard work, self-discipline and a love of all that is good exemplifies our ALtogether EXperience.