Cabaret Fantasia

Alexander Road High School is proud to present CABARET FANTASIA: A Spectacular Immersive Theatre Experience!
This show promises to be celebration of Alex's Art, Drama and Music departments in a never-before-seen immersive event!
Travel with us as we embark to a fantastical world, filled with characters on a search for love and the meaning of life.

Our cultural departments will integrate for this special event under the direction of Amber-Dawn Burnhams, the choreography of Chireen Ferreira and Rachel Lategan, as well as the musical direction by Dario Broccardo.

Performances will include our Show Band, Glee Club, Move Club, Strings Ensemble, Choir, Contemporary Band, Big Band and Masibuyel'embo; as well as some jaw-dropping solos and top acting performances. A wide range of music and dancing styles will be showcased, tailoring to all tastes and preferences! The cast consists of over 300 Alexan's eager to showcase their talent - for YOU! The seating will be cabaret style and food and drinks will be on sale. We encourage you to dress up for the occasion!

Bookings are available on Quicket :